Higher Marketing ROI from Better Planning

If you’re anything like our typical client, you know the importance of marketing for business growth, but have minimal in-house marketing support or a stretched marketing team that needs help with specific projects. You are understandably judicious with marketing investments and wary of consultants and agencies who promise the moon.

Our customers know they can depend on us to do the right thing, whether we’re helping them with messaging, content development, product launches, designing their new website, or developing their entire marketing plan. As small business owners, we understand the importance of getting things done on time and on budget, and our customers recognize the higher ROI achieved from their marketing spend when they work with us.

Our experience enables us to ask the right questions, cut through the noise, and offer advice to simplify the marketing process, not complicate it. We’re confident you would be hard pressed to find a team with comparable experience that can deliver the same value.

MessagingHaving a clearly defined message in place drives everything else, including your web site, sales collateral and other content.

We often find that salespeople naturally do a great job of articulating the value of the business, but that story is very well hidden elsewhere and lacks consistency throughout sales and marketing materials.

A focused, consistent and repeatable message ensures your mission, business benefits, and differentiation will stick in people’s minds and become associated with your business. Your marketing and sales teams cannot “stay on message” when the it hasn’t been properly defined.

We’ll help you define and/or refine your value proposition into a short, memorable message that everyone can understand and articulate.  To help your teams stay on message, we’ll develop a messaging document that includes your over-arching message, audience segmented messages (if relevant), and series of key phrases, words, and other points of information.

Customer Journey MappingOur hands-on experience working inside diverse organizations has taught us the measurable value of approaching marketing in context of the customer journey.MORE…

Understanding the needs of your customers and prospects is a critical first step in knowing how and where they will interact with you.

The digital landscape offers opportunities for you to engage with your customers in multiple ways, and magnifies the need to develop messages, content, campaigns and calls-to-action by market and buyer segment. It’s critical that prospects and customers recognize themselves in your messaging and find tangible value in the information you offer. The time spent on sites and with other content is getting shorter and shorter. You need to grab attention and give a sense of relevance and personal experience to every visitor and every reader.

Beginning with a discovery call or meeting, we’ll explore your specific needs for marketing to your different audiences and journey stages, and identify the essential requirements for an integrated marketing and communications strategy, prioritizing the most effective components to build on the marketing investments you’ve already made.

Content Development & CopywritingIt’s no secret that content is an essential part of any marketing plan.MORE…

Done well, a content strategy is a natural continuation of customer journey mapping. The content you create should have clear goals in mind, ranging from generating awareness to acquiring highly qualified leads and helping those prospects make the decision to do business with you.

Creating appropriate content types and approaches for each stage of the journey is essential. In the early stages, you need to avoid heavy promotions, and focus on providing information your audience needs to make good decisions. Later in the journey, you can talk more about your business and products. And it doesn’t end with the sale. Customer advocates are your most powerful asset, and the right ‘success’ content can be used to attract new prospects.

In addition to helping you shape your content strategy, we can recommend, outline or fully create the content you need to engage prospects and customers along every stage of their journey. We have extensive experience writing, designing and producing a wide variety of content types, including ads, papers, videos, news releases, collateral, presentations, and social profiles.

Web Review & DesignAny conversation about content begins with your most important asset – your web site.MORE…

Whether designing a new site, or simply helping you be more effective with your existing site, we’ll begin with a review of what you have today. Sometimes called a web or content ‘audit’, we don’t like the negative connotation that is often attached to the term. Also, too many companies sell ‘audits’ that turn out to be automated push-button affairs. We’re talking about a careful, systematic review of your web content, to ensure it’s doing what you want it to do. Is it sending the right message? Is it compelling? Is it pulling in the right audience segments? Is it moving your audience to the next relevant stage in their buying journey? Does your audience always know what they should do next?

We’ll run through your site and deliver sensible and actionable recommendations to improve all aspects of your site (if relevant) from navigation, copy and search optimization through to refreshed graphics, and new content ideas for a better visitor experience.

Product MarketingAsk any business owner what product marketing means and you’ll likely get a different answer.MORE…

Part of the problem is that product marketing touches almost every other business function – product management, marketing, sales, customer success and support. In other words, it spans every stage of the customer journey.

Our simple definition of the product marketing role is that it focuses on making your products and services easier to sell. Whether launching a new product or needing to find, engage and convert more customers for your existing products, we can help.

From articulating how your products and services will help customers overcome real-world challenges to developing content to help marketing find and engage prospects, sales covert more leads, and account management teams drive broader adoption, we know how to create and execute winning product marketing plans that cover everything from awareness to advocacy.

Launch PlansYou don’t need a big budget and a lot of resources for a successful product launch, but you do need a good plan.MORE…

After bringing our fair share of diverse products to market, we know a thing or two about planning and executing a successful launch; maximizing your available budget and resources.

We’ll begin by establishing measurable launch goals and developing a milestone-driven calendar to keep the entire business moving toward those goals. From there, depending on your specific needs, we can help with any or all marketing deliverables, including positioning and messaging, press outreach, early adoption programs, sales and marketing content, and integrated awareness and demand generation campaigns.

We understand that a product launch is not a one-and-done activity, and our comprehensive go-to-market plans ensure continued post launch momentum, to keep the sales opportunities rolling in.

Campaign RecommendationsThe marketing and sales landscape has changed dramatically, and buyers are following ever more sophisticated journeys to satisfy their needs.MORE…

Our first-hand experience – as marketers working inside diverse organizations – positions us to offer sound, professional advice for delivering effective awareness and demand generation campaigns that take advantage of the new marketing and media landscape.

Good marketing is a process of finding, educating and nurturing your desired audience; ensuring your business remains top of mind when they are ready to buy. That’s why we recommend marketing campaigns that fully align with your customers’ journey.

We’ll use our deep understanding of the journey methodology to recommend, develop and/or guide well-crafted integrated marketing campaigns that using a sensible mix of inbound and outbound approaches to attract and engage the right kind of people, for the right reasons, and deliver measurable results.